Trips and Residentials

Here at The Fallibroome Academy we are pleased to offer a large number of trips and residentials. The most regular annual trips are detailed below in the Overview and for latest update please check the Residential Trips Status Report on the right of this page.

Overview of Residentials and Day Trips

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Extra Curricular

Passport Rules for Travel to Europe After Brexit

Here is latest advice from ABTA:

While the political situation remains uncertain, ABTA has identified actions travellers may wish to take in advance to help avoid unnecessary future disruption.

Please take the time to also read the advice from the government regarding passports so that you and your group can prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

Passport Rules for travel to Europe after Brexit >

One thing you can do now to assist your group with their travel is to share the government’s passport checking tool with the parents of the students travelling in your group. Don’t forget to check your passport too!

Check a passport tool >

I hope that these documents and tools will help answer some of your Brexit questions, I will continue to send on any other information we receive on this subject.

Code of Conduct

We are introducing with immediate effect a new Code of Conduct which applies to all current and future offsite trips. The Code of Conduct in effect draws together the expectations that have always been applied to trips. When paying for and giving permission to take part in a trip you are also agreeing that your son/daughter will abide with this Code of Conduct. Please click on the link below to view our Code of Conduct for Educational Trips and Visits.

Trips & Educational Visits
Code of Conduct

Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities

(A = 12.30 -1.00)
(B = 1.00 – 1.30)
After School
Monday Chess Club 12:45 – 1:30 (A & B) in D11 Mr Vickers

Music Tech Club 12:50-1.30 in St2

Year 7 Dance Club 12.30-1.00 in St5

Girls Netball 12.30-1.00 courts

Boys Indoor Hockey 1.00-1.30 Gym

Code Club (A & B), E2 Mr Howarth / Mr Siriwardena

Pulse 2 Dance Company (by audition)

Studio 4 3:45 – 4:45pm

Girls Netball 3.30-4.45

Boys Football 3.30-4.45

Orienteering 3.30-4.45

Tuesday Drama Youth Company 12:40-1.20 in A18

Junior Strings (Beginner+) 12:40 in St3

Book group 12.40- 1.20 Library – after Oct half term

International Film Club  A11  12.40

Samba Band 3.15-4.15 in St3

Break Dance / Street Dance St4

Shaun Goater Football Coaching (see PE)

3.40- 4.40 Astro

Wednesday Art Club 1:00 – 1:30 (B) in D11 Mr Vickers

“Synergy” Boys Dance Company

12.30 – 1.00pm St4

Songbirds (Girls) 12:50-1:30 in St3

Gymnastics 12.30-1.30 Training Hall

Dodgeball 1.00-1.30 Gym

Open Astro (bring trainers) 12.30-1.30

Sports+ 12.-1.00 Training Hall/Gym

Boys Hockey 3.30-4.45 Gym
Thursday Junior Windband (Beginner to Grade 3)

12:50-1.30 in St3

Science Club C7 (1-1.25)

Girls Hockey 12.30-1.00 astro

Cheerleading 1.00-1.30 Training Hall

Volleyball 1.00-1.30 Gym

Guitar Sessions 3.30-4.30 in St3

Maths Study Club, 3.30pm – 4.30pm in A5

Girls Football 3.30-4.45

Boys Rugby 3.30-4.45

Friday Pen Pals Club (A): Letter exchange with students from Spain,

Creative Writing Club – 12.40-1.25 – C14 – Mrs Robert

Brassed Off (All Brass) 12.50-1.30 in PH

Man Choir (Boys) 12.50-1.30 in St3

Community Sport 12.30-1.00

Badminton 3.30-4.45 Gym
Saturday Sports fixtures

Physical Education Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities

(Spring Term 2020)

(A = 12:30 to 1.00)
(B = 1:00 to 1.30)
After School
Monday Year 10/11 Football (A) MSH

All Years Table Tennis (A) NKO

Year 7-9 Netball (A) PAC/BDL

All Years Basketball (A) FIE

GCSE Trampolining HRD (B)

Year 9 Boys Football (DAL)

Year 7-8 Netball (PAC/BDL)

Girls’ Football (NKO/FIE)

Year 7/8 boys’ Rugby (ATH)

GCSE/Sport Studies Badminton league (MSH/HRD)

Orienteering ALL YEARS (MSH/KYD)

Open Gym Years 9/10/11 (MSH)

Tuesday PE Department Meetings
Wednesday Year 9/10/11 Open Astro – bring trainers (All Staff)

Gymnastics (GON)

Sports + (A) DAL/HMD Gym

Senior Fixtures (or training Wed PM)

Hockey/Netball Fixtures (PAC/BDL/NKO)

All Years Dodgeball (ATH)

Fitness Years 7/8 (MSH/HRD)

Thursday All Years Volleyball (B) BDL

Years 10-11 Badminton (A) ATH/PAC

Year 7-8 Open Astro (A/B) HRD/NKO

All Years Boxing/ Open gym (A) MSH

Volleyball (ATH)

Year 7/8 boys’ Football (MSH/HRD)

Years 9-11 Netball (BDL/NKO/PAC)

Open Gym Years 7/8

Friday GCSE Clinic (A) A14

Sports Studies Drop in (A) E6

Community Sport (A) ATH/MSH

All Years Badminton (RAY)

Invitation only

Saturday Sports Fixtures


Orienteering fixtures: Between 8 to 8.30am finishing at around 1.30pm.

Performing Arts Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities

Drama Music Dance
Monday 12:30pm Drama Youth Company (Yr 7/8 / A18) GCSE Drop-In (St4)
12:50pm Chamber Session (Invitation / St3)
Senior Choir (Yr 9-13 / PH)
Music Tech Club (Yr 7-9 / St2)
1:00pm Drama Youth Company (Yr 7/8 / A18) GCSE Drop-In (St4)
3:30pm Senior Windband (Grade 4+ / PH) Pulse Dance Co (St4)
Evolve Dance Co. (St5)
Tuesday 12:40pm GCSE / A Level Practical Prep
3:15pm Samba Band (Yr 7-13 / St3) Street/Break Dance (St4)
Wednesday 12:30pm National Connections (DS) Year 7 Dance Club (St4)
12:50pm Man Choir (Boys Yr 7-13 / St3)
GCSE Composition Drop-in (GIB / St2)
1:00pm A Level Drop-in (St4)
3:30pm Guitar Sessions (Guitar & Drums / St3) Pulse 2 Dance Co (St4)
A-Level Rehearsal (St5)
Thursday 12:30pm GCSE / A Level Practical Prep Kinetic Dance Company (Yrs 8&9 / St4)
12:50pm String Group (Beginner+ / St3)
Junior Windband (Beginner to Grade 3 / PH)
GCSE Composition Drop-in (MOR / St2)
GCSE / A-Level Drop-In (St4)
Accessible Dance (St5)
1:00pm GCSE / A Level Practical Prep A Level Drop-in (St4)
3:30pm National Connections (A18) Orchestra (Grade 5+ / PH)
Friday 12:30pm Boy’s Dance Company (St4)
12:50pm Drama Senior Company (Yr 9-13 / A18) Songbirds (Girls / Yr 818 / St3)
Brassed Off (All Brass / PH)
GCSE Composition Drop-in (FLK / St2)
1:00pm A Level Drop-in (St4)
3:30pm GCSE / A Level Practical Prep

Annual Year 7 Residential Trip

For information about the Year 7 Residential Trip, please view the Information Presentation that is available from this website using the button below. It contains the main information needed by Parent. Feel free to contact us if you need further information that is not contained in the presentation.

 View the Information Presentation

Suggested Kit List 2019

Lunchtime Clubs

You can download and view the Lunchtime Clubs details by clicking this button and viewing the list of files.

 Lunchtime Clubs

Visit the New Students page

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Fallibroome actively promotes the idea of a ‘Whole Education’, where alongside academic success students are encouraged to develop a whole range of skills and interests. As such the school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities ranging from lunchtime clubs to theatre trips and sports fixtures to Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions.

The application form for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards will appear on this page when applications open for the new year. Please check back soon for more information.